of my presentation at the International conference on “conflict & reconciliation in groups, couples, families & society”, organized by the European Federation for psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Athens on May 2012


This presentation attempts to illustrate how the concept of containment of W. Bion applies on a clinical case of family therapy. With his theory of container – contained, Bion describes containment as the capacity of the mother to copy with infant’s primary aggression and envy. She contains, metabolises, transforms primitive anxieties, destruction, fears of fragmentation or annihilation. Then, the converted material becomes easier accessible and less threat full for the infant to deal with.

Accordingly, the ability of a family to contain such primitive material of its members is fundamental for the developmental growth of it and for the accomplish of its aims. With this clinical example of a conflictual family with three boys, I attempt to describe firstly, the containment form of this family and the similarities with the form of containment of the parents’ families of origin and secondly, what are the mechanisms used in order the original experience to be reproduced.

Finally, I would like to explore the way of achieving a conflict resolution and to describe how techniques of dance movement psychotherapy and play have supported the therapeutic work.

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