A dissertation presented to the faculty of

The Laban Centre for Movement and Dance

in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree

Master of Arts in Dance Movement Therapy


Dimitrios Zachos

November 1995


The aim of this study is to explore schizophrenic patients’ use of the Greek form of traditional dance in a dance movement therapy session with a group of Greek schizophrenics. a critical review of the group therapy structure and leadership style was employed for this purpose. In addition, some clinical examples are presented of six long – term institutionalized Greek schizophrenic patients in order to support and clarify the findings of the literature review.

The findings of the literature review sustained the notion that a well-structured session and a clear and directive leadership style is necessary for working with schizophrenics. Furthermore, it is shown that the use of the Greek traditional dance “Syrtos” is structurally an effective therapeutic tool when working with greek schizophrenic patients.

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